Top Ten Favorite Pornsites

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1. Cum Covered Glasses

The sexy professor you used to fantasize about, the boss who still has you pulling over on the way home to rub one out... what did they all have in common? It's the eyeglasses, and you need to get a white cumload of yours spewed all over her glasses if you ever want your pecker to be fully satisfied. Go ahead; add her to the archives at Cum Covered Glasses, where you need to hold out as long as you can to avoid jizzing before you see the whites of her eyes!

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2. Cumshot Circus

Put on your red Ringleader jacket and your best top hat because today we are all going to the Cumshot Circus! It's a three-ring adventure containing some of the best looking circus performers you've ever seen, and they aren't wasting time on the high-wire or juggling bowling pins... these circus sluts are masters at catching spooge and making the most out of every mouthful!

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3. My Stocking Secrets

Even the sexiest long legs look better with a sheer set of stockings pulled up over them. Sheer stockings with a fancy line going all the way up the back of the leg from heel to the waistline, tearing the crotch out of them and making your own opening to her sopping wet vag is exactly the kind of stuff you can assume to see when you become a member of My Stocking Secrets. Elegant at first, but in a matter of minutes she's snuggling up against you and asking for you to take her to new depths of sexual pleasure. You know better than to keep a stocking slut waiting.

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4. Blowjob Junkie

Everyone has some kind of obsession, while the vices may vary once you know what it is that makes someone's mind itch, you can always discover ways to keep them coming back for more. These ladies aren't just looking to slobber on a cock once in a while, the life of a Blowjob Junkie is a continuous search for the next fix, the next thick dick and even before the last cum shot has fully dried on their skin, they're back out on the street looking for man-meat again!

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